Suresh Sharma

“पिछवाई में मेरे पूरे परिवार का दिल बसा है, ये कला हमें खुश रखती है और सम्मान दिलाती है ”

Suresh Sharma has a rich heritage of association with the pichvai tradition, tracing his family lineage back to the first five artists who accompanied Shrinathji to Nathdwara. His inspiration comes from his grandfather, Shri Bhuralalji who was a very famous artist and was awarded the National Award back in 1977. He learnt this devotional art from his father and has been practicing and mastering it for over 22 years now. His beautiful work can be seen all across India as well as abroad, and he specialises in the Nathdwara style of painting. His sanctum sanctorum lies in the Lakhotiya gali in Nathdwara which houses some of his finest work. He strives constantly for further improvement inspite of having attaining a level of excellence in the art.

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