Our Organisation

Artists of Nathdwara (AoN) is an organisation of the artists that is run for the benefit of the hereditary artists. It was formed with the sole aim to preserve and disseminate the 400 year-long legacy of the pichvai by providing a platform for the pichvai artists to spread their traditions and devotion towards their art form with the entire world.

Founded with the guidance of Dr Madhuvanti Ghose, curator of Indian art at the Art Institute of Chicago, USA, and of the landmark exhibition on the art of the Pushtimarg sect, the Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Paintings (2015/16) on the 30th of December 2014, AoN has more than 100 pichvai artists associated with the organisation’s work in spreading awareness about the art form especially among the youth. A dedicated website was launched for the artists in order to serve the dual purpose of providing the artists with an online selling platform as well as educating the public across the world about the art of the Pushtimarg sect and its an incredible legacy.

Currently, the AoN is headed by master artists Parmanand Sharma, Girish P. Sharma and Suresh Sharma.