Ramesh Chandra Sharma

“हमारे लिए ये कला ही हमारी मंदिर है ये कला ही हमारे भगवन हैं और ये कला ही हमारी पूजा है “

Rameshji comes with a plethora of 45 years of experience with pichvai painting. He has been painting practically all his life. He picked up this art from his great ancestors and is third in the generation. He is proud that his son is also taking forward the legacy of his forefathers. Following the Mewar style of painting in all-natural pigments and watercolors, his paintings are related to the Vaishnav sampradaya (community). His exquisite work can be seen at the Bagore ki Haveli in Udaipur, and the holy Shrinathji temple in Nathdwara.

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