Piyush Sharma

“हम अपने आने वाली पीढ़ी को भी इस कला से जोड़ कर रखेंगे ताकि जो गर्व हम आज महसूस करते हैं वो भी यही गौरव महसूस करे ”

Practicing the tradition of pichvai painting for the past 30 years, Piyush Sharma has been striving to continue his family legacy. His family arrived in Nathdwara from Vraj over 350 years back accompanying Shrinathji. His great grandfather, Gopilalji was a master pichvai artist, with the tradition being passed down from generation to generation, each devoting their life to this art form. He uses natural colours while making pichvais and the majority of his work depicts Krishna Lila. He feels that his biggest achievement is that people appreciate and understand the emotion behind his work. He is truly a depiction of “Do it with passion or none at all.”

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