Madhusudan Sharma

“जितना मुझे इस कला ने सिखाया है उतना मैं किसी और चीज़ से नहीं सीख पाता | इस कला ने ही मुझे जीवन दिया है “

Madhusudan Sharmaji has been practicing the pichvai art for the last 28 years in Nathdwara. His family has been practicing this art form for the past 4-5 generations and his father was also a renowned artist in the Nathdwara region. He credits his father for teaching him everything about the art form and for being his inspiration. Madhusudanji strives to pay attention to the details and nuances of his art to ensure that his work exhibits finesse and perfection. He uses natural and stone colours and his works are displayed at the Nathdwara Mandir. He is truly a representation of “Hardwork, passion and creativity can move mountains.”

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