Lalit Sharma

“पिछवाई ने हमें बहुत कुछ दिया है, हम भी इस कला को आगे बढाकर इसको विश्व में सम्मान दिलाना चाहते है।”

Lalit Sharma, practicing the art of pichvai painting for the past 35 years, has received this love and devotion from his father and forefathers, who have been carrying on this legacy from the past 12 generations. He has received various accolades including the Avantika Nathdwara in 2008 and was also nominated for the Wall Of the Lord, Mandir Parikrama, in Nathdwara in 2017. His work was displayed in the Shrinathji Temple, and at the Vitthalnathji Temple in Nathdwara. He is truly a representation of “Strength, Patience and Passion is all it takes for an artisan to take their craft to unimaginable heights.”

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