Jatin Sharma

“पिछवाई मेरे लिए मेरा जीवन है | पिछवाई के कारण हमें लोग जानते है और इज़्ज़त देते हैं | मेरे जीवन का सबसे अनमोल तोहफा है ये”

Jatin Sharma has been practicing pichvai painting for the past 12 years. He has inherited this love and devotion for the pichvai from his father and forefathers, who have been carrying on this legacy for the past 12 generations. He is now training his children to make sure that the tradition persists. He loves to innovate in his paintings. He does not see pichvais only as a source of livelihood but as his commitment to this artistic legacy. His work was exhibited at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA, in the Pigment on Cloth: Tradition, Family and the Art of Indian Pichvai Painting exhibition (August 12 – November 16, 2018). His work is also displayed at the Lord of the wall of the Nathdwara Temple, Lord Krishna Temple, Surat and Lord Shrinathji Temple. He is truly a representation of “if you develop a passion for learning you will never fail to grow ”.

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