Gaurav Sharma

” पिछवाई सिर्फ पेंटिंग नहीं है, नाथद्वारा में यह एक पुष्टि भाव है। श्रीनाथजी के करीब जाने का एक माध्यम है|”

Gaurav Sharma has got this love and devotion for Pichvai from his father and forefathers, who have been carrying on this legacy from the past 12 generations. He has a rich heritage of association with the artform since generations, going back to the very first artists who came to Nathdwara in the first place. He learned the initial few strokes from his father Shyam Sunder Sharma and still takes a lot of inspiration for his work from him. Gaurav has been practicing the art for 12 years in Nathdwara now and believes that this art is the route to spirituality. He specialiases in miniature pichvais.

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