Praveen Sharma

“इस कला के बारे में सीखने से लेकर इस कला को लोगो तक पहुँचाने का सफर बहुत सुहाना रहा है “

Praveen Sharma has been practicing pichvai painting for the past 20 years in Nathdwara. His father is also an artist and he made his son fall in love with this art form. He loves practicing it and puts his heart and soul into his work to give it shape. He uses natural colours and takes inspiration from the work of older artists who have been involved in pichvai painting for a longer time. Various forms of Krishna Lila, the natural beauty, the annual cycle of festivals at the Shrinathji Temple all are inspirations for his works. His work can be seen at the Shrinathji temple, Nathdwara’s Wall of the Lord for which he has been commended in 2017 by Shri Vishal Bawa.

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