Parmanand Sharma

“ये कला ही मेरा जीवन है | मेरा परिवार श्रीनाथ जी के साथ ही नाथद्वारा आया था ”

Born into a multigenerational family of Pichvai artists and Shrinathji’s devotees, Parmanand Sharma has been practicing the art since early childhood. He is the current mukhiya of the artists of Nathdwara. He is a direct descendant of the artists who originally travelled with the Lord from Vraj to Mewar. His main inspiration is his grandfather, Shri Champalalji, who was a renowned artist of the late 19th/early 20th century and did a lot of work for the Mota Mandir, Mumbai. His grandfather’s talent and passion which gave him worldwide acclaim, translated into Parmanandji and his two elder brothers also becoming masters of the art.
Parmanandji has his exquisite work displayed across several exhibition camps throughout Rajasthan, including at the sacred Nathdwara Mandir. He specialises in Nathdwara pichvais as well as miniature painting. He finds identity, tradition and legacy through the pichvai and is a torchbearer of devotion through his art.

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