Girish Pannalal Sharma

“पिछवाई कला ने मुझे बचपन से प्रभावित किया है और अब मैं इस कला से बाकी लोगो को प्रभावित करना चाहता हूँ”

Girish P. Sharma, the current head of the Artists of Nathdwara organization, has been practicing pichvai painting since his childhood and it has been 36 years since he started practicing it in Nathdwara. His grandfather, Shri Bhuralalji’s blessings and love give him the motivation to continue his legacy. His grandfather identified his talent at a young age and decided to teach him all the aspects of the art form. His family has always motivated Girishji to continue practicing and ensured that he faced no hindrances. He has participated in various art exhibitions across the country such as those organized by the Harmony Art Foundation, Mumbai, the Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, SIERT, Rang Malhar, etc. His works can be found at the Saheliyon ki Baadi in Udaipur and his art will soon be showcased at Jio World, Mumbai. He is a perfect example of, “A dream becomes a reality as a result of sweat, determination and hardwork.”

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