B. G. Sharma

Name : B. G. Sharma
Father’s Name   Late Shri B. G. Sharma
Date of Birth : 5th August 1924
Devlok Gaman   14 November, 2007
Place of Birth : Nathdwara
Postal Address : B.G. Sharma Art Gallery 3, Saheli Marg, Udaipur (Raj.) India
Religion : Hindu
Category (SC/ST/OBC/General) : General
Profession or Occupation : Artist
Honorary Member of Centre for Cultural Resources & Training for committees like Governing body, Executive Committee, Review committee
Field of activity : Indian Paintings in Traditional Style which includes Miniature, Pichhwai, Oil Paintings, Modern Paintings & all National Cultural Paintings. Paintings have been Exhibited Internationally
Introduction :

Bhanwar Lal Girdhari Lal Sharma known as B.G.Sharma is among the eminent painters practicing in traditional styles in India. Reproductions of his work can be well as the way of expression is a continuation of the great tradition of Indain painting, retaining its originality at the same time.

Shri B. G. Sharma was born on 5th August 1924 in Nathdwara a holly town of vallabh sampradaya in Rajasthan 50 Km. from Udaipur where a community of artists live and work amidst the well known temple complex of Shrinathji the Diety of followers. Shri Sharma started to paint at very early age of five under the guidance of his father and grandfather who were both traditional artists. They instructed him in all the fundamentals of traditional art and Shri Sharma owes his development both to them and to environment in which he practiced.

How ever to acquaint himself with Modern Trends in art & in also contemporary technique Shri Sharma joined Sir JJ School of Arts & Crafts, Mumbai in 1947. He left the institute after a short period and decided to form a publishing company at Mumbai devoted primarily to the reproduction of his paintings.

Unlike most traditional artists practicing today who supply work on a commercial basis for a market is growing increasingly popular, Shri B. G. Sharma has dedicated himself to seeking genuine inspiration from the art of the past in order to be able to practice as true and creative artist. This dedication has led him to study the various style of the art of the past and his practice, based on Mughal, Kishangarh and Kangra paintings, has a personal and individual touch of class. He is one of the artists practising of India, Hot Nights, Dinman, centinur and Bori Bunder have also published the interviews of Shri B. G. Sharma.

He has also exhibited his exhibits at Shree Ballabh V Celebtration , Jhangir Art Gallery - Mumbaia Bhawan – New Delhi, India House - Londan, Aditi India Festival – Londan. A painting of 50 feet by 15 feet size was very much applauded by the Barbican Centre Londan. For Festival India. Shri BG Sharma presented Smt. Indira Gandhi her portrait at Mumbai in 1971. Sh Sharma's paintings have been included in the famous art collections in Germany, France, America, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Holland Shri Lanka, Saudi Arabia etc.

Shri B.G. Sharma has been selected for fellowship in the field of Miniature by Govt. of India in the year 1984 in connection with the centenary celebrations of Shri Nand lal Bose famous artist & painter. National Award for the year 1983 was also awarded to him by Shri Gyani Jail singh – PRECIDENT of India & Lalit kala academy award in the year 1985 has also been conferred on him. Shri Sharma also participated in India promotion program held in Germany during during May' 1985. His visit was arranged by GOVT. OF INDIA. Again Shri Sharma was selected by GOVT OF INDIA & sent to WASHINGTON USA to participate in India Festival Program. A portrait of Mr & Mrs. Ronald Regan was also presented to them at that time. Sh. Sharma met Prince Charles at Jaipur and presented portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Shri Sharma was one of the invitee in International Rajathani Conclave held in Jaipur on September 23rd & 24th 2000.

Shri Sharma has led foundation of an ART MUSEUM in Udaipur with a view to display the entire collection of his creations for the Lover of Art, which was visited by Sh Rajeev Ghandhi on 28th October 1983. It is a unique museum, which contains his choicest and precious paintings, which are “ A ZENITH OF ART”

Presentation of paintings to various Dignitaries:

  1. In 1971 Smt. Indra Gandhi was presented her ivory portrait.
  2. A beautiful painting to Sir Malcolm Frazer, Prime Minster of Australia in1981 during his visit to Udaipur.
  3. Prince Charles at Jaipur was presented an ivory miniature painting of her majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd . in year 1980.
  4. A portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Regan was presented to Mr. .Regan (The President, America).
Exhibition & Display of paintings in India/ Foreign :
Sno Place/s Year
1. Sh. Ballaba v Centenary Celebrations ,Nathdwara 1978
2. At Jahangir Art Gallery,Mumbai 1979
3. Rabindra Bhawan , New Delhi (By courtesy of Lalit Kala Academy) 1979
4. India House , London 1980
5. Sir J.J.School Art Bombay 1981
6. Aditi India Festival , London 1982
7. Anand Bhawan , Udaipur 1983
8. Museum of Baroda 1983
9. S.M. Stadium , Jaipur 1984
10. Festival of India, New York 1985
Honorary Fellowship & Rewards :
  1. Merit Certificate Award by the Board of Handicraft New Delhi- 1980
  2. National Award for Master Craftsman- 1983.
  3. Selected for a fellowship in the field of Miniature painting by Govt. of India - 1984.
  4. Maharana Sangram Singh Awaed by Maharana Mewar Foundation 1984.
  5. In Connection with the Centenary Celebrations of Shri Nand lal Bose a Gurukul of 5 teachers was in function in the year'85 .This program was taken up by Lalik Kala Academy Govt. of India.-1985.
  6. Senior Citizen Award 95-96 was also given by Rotary Club, Udaipur in 1996
  7. Akhil Bharti Pustimargiya Purskar was given by Temple Board Nathdwara in - 1996
  8. His book Ramayana awarded New Age category 2002 Award. - Published by (Mandala BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Media) USA
Other Interviews & Publication : Interviewed by Delhi DoorDarshan on 19.11.73 in 'Apse Miliya' programme by BBC London on 10.10.80 & became their Guest of the week which was programmed by Udaipur station of All India Radio on 15-09-181. He has also shown his work on Bombay Television on Reviews of Shri B.G. Sharma's works. Famous Newspapers have published his interviews.

Mr. Alfred –A- Knopt of New York had Published a book named “Cow Book” in the year 1983 after collecting painting from all the 25 leading artist of the world. From India only Sh. Sharma was selected. Shri Sharma visited Canada in the year'2002 and got appreciation letter. He has also been called by Fiji Guru Shri. Da. For composition of temple there.

Foreign publisher ' Mandala Media' has so far published two books namely Form of Beauty (Krishna Leela) & Ramayan ( Tale of Gods & Demons ) based on Sh. Sharma's paintings and other Books on Lord Buddha, Lord Mahaveer, Devi (Beauty, Power & Grace) .

B. G. Sharma’s Painting Publishing in five books namely Form of Beauty (The Krishna), Tale of Gods & Demons (Ramayana), Lord Buddha, Lord Mahaveer and Beauty Power & Grace (Devi’s) by ‘MANDALA MEDIA’, USA. Which would glow forever in the horizon like Moon and Sun.

Over seven decades after patently and diligently following and sticking to the path shown by his elders, He aerated an unique center of Art having more than over 1000 paintings treasured in ”B.G. Art Museum of Indian Miniature Art” at 3, Saheli Marg, Udaipur –313001.